At Task Consumer Products, we are fully committed to reducing our carbon footprint, and are sensitive to environmental impacts associated with our manufacturing processes in areas of recycling, energy conservation, emission reduction and pollution prevention.

Key Environmental Objectives

Raw Materials: As a paper converter we strive to ensure that all of our tissue is sourced from suppliers who implement strict environmental and sustainable forestry policies. With both our paper and board resources we set out to purchase FSC® (FSC-C116007) Certified materials or suppliers who provide evidencing efforts to acquire such accreditations. Task has been an accredited supplier with FSC Chain of Custody certification for a number of years to assure our customers of our commitment.

Task also aims to promote the sale of 100% recycled tissue products to our customers in both the consumer and away from home markets.

Energy Efficiency

We promote long term strategies for energy efficiency throughout our business, using control measures to ensure all processes limit our impact on the environment. By the use of quality machinery and equipment we are able to reduce our energy usage drastically.

Task are working towards various forms of accreditation to confirm our commitment to saving the environment.


We do our best to make sure our distribution system is efficient as we understand the large impact transportation can have on the environment. We are aiming to reduce the level of imports within our business and source all raw materials from within the UK to reduce our Carbon footprint.


Here at Task we aim to make sure nothing is wasted, and we currently recycle all waste produce throughout our manufacturing process where every effort made to minimise wastage and maximise efficiencies.